Vehicle Analyser


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Vehicle Insights API offers several advanced insights that enhance its utility for a broad range of stakeholders by providing deeper analytical capabilities and strategic data. This a step up from normal Vehicle Info that you get from Parivahan database.

Here's a detailed description at each of these advanced insights:

  1. ML Based Vehicle Valuation

    • Current Price - Vehicle value calculated based on the age of the vehicle, location, Manufacturer, model of vehicle, and all manufacturing details, gives out the best in India model to calculate best digital current price of the vehicle.
    • Purchase Price - With the ML model we determine the depreciation factor to approximate the purchase price of the vehicle when user have bought it at the time of purchasing it.
    • Ex-showroom Price - Based on current market conditions, what the Ex-showroom price of this vehicle, gives a overview of price appreciation of that model to the user and companies.
  2. 360 View Presentation

    • Gives an edge to showcase the 360 view of the model of the car, customizable for the user. That can be placed on User screen and Company dashboard screen.
  3. Vehicle Details

    • Vehicle RTO Details - All the details about the owner name, father's name, current and permanent addresses, RTO location and code, Blacklisting status of the vehicle.
    • Vehicle Maker Model - Vehicle details its model, manufacturer, manufacturing date, Weight, Engine Number, Chassis Number and all technical details about the vehicle.
  4. Financier Details

    • This part has if the vehicle has any current financier or is it hypothecated to the name of any financier or not.
  5. Challan History

    • Pending Challans - API comes with the info on how many pending challans are there, who is the accused, what their penalty is about, date of challan, and fine amount.
    • Disposed Challans - API has details how many disposed challans are there, who is the accused, what their penalty is about, fine amount, and when they have broken the rules.


You can try out this API here.