Loan Against Mutual Funds


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Purpose and Functionality :

This API from MF Central is an initiative by CAMS and KFintech where all RBI regulated entities can integrate with us, and where all users holding their mutual funds in SOA or physical format can be pledged through this API. This delivers a seamless experience to users and lenders as it covers all mutual funds of SOA format and can be pledged directly. Similar revoke and invoke can happen from lender side without any extra integration with other RTAs.

Invoke and Revoke APIs are also part of this section using which the lender can either invoke or revoke the user's assets.


MFCentral user flow

Brokers who support LAMF

These brokers tied mutual funds are directly stored by RTAs in physical or SOA format, hence can be pledged through MFC LAMF API. Mutual funds which are also bought directly from AMC website are stored with RTAs and can be pledged from here.

Brokers who doesn't support LAMF through MFC APIs

For these brokers MFC LAMF API won't work as they predominantly store mutual funds in Dematerialization format. Mutual funds bought through these brokers can be pledged through CDSL/NSDL.

LAMF API Features for Users

  • Active Loan Status: You can see all the loans you currently have. It tells you which loans are still ongoing so you know what you owe.
  • Mutual Fund Units: Here you get the lowdown on the mutual funds you put up as security for your loans. It shows how many units you pledged and what they're worth now.
  • Payment Records: This section gives you a rundown of all the payments you've made towards your loans. You can see when you paid, how much, and how much is left to pay. It helps you keep tabs on your progress.

LAMF API Features for Lenders

LAMF API offers tools for lenders to keep an eye on loans and manage them smoothly.

  • Portal Overview: Lenders can peek into a portal that sums up all their loans. It shows total loans, how much is still due, and other important stuff. It helps lenders handle their loan bunch efficiently. Also it has individual borrowers information and their payment schedules.
  • Loan Breakdown: Gives the nitty-gritty of each loan. Lenders can check out details like which mutual funds are on the line, how much loaned, interest rates, and all that jazz. This helps them figure out the risks and handle each loan with care.
  • Payment Plans: Lenders can plan out payments and track those waiting to be paid by borrowers. This feature keeps cash flow smooth and lets lenders take action if payments are late.


Requires license from Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Check out for more info


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