3. Consolidated Account Statement Summary


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Inputs for CAS Summary API

Mobile Number: This is used as a primary identifier to ensure that the request for data is authenticated and that the information provided is secured against unauthorized access.

One-Time Password (OTP): A security measure to verify the identity of the user making the request. The OTP must be entered correctly to access the sensitive financial data, providing an extra layer of security.

Output for CAS Summary API

Mutual Fund Details

Name: Identifies the specific mutual fund in which an investment is made.

Folio: A unique identifier for the investor’s account within the mutual fund, used for transaction tracking and account management.

Unit Price: Indicates the cost of a single unit of the fund at the reporting time, key for investment valuation and performance analysis.

LTV (Loan to Value Ratio): Shows the ratio of a loan to the value of the invested asset, relevant when investments are used as collateral.

Available Units: Displays the quantity of units the investor owns, crucial for assessing the size of the investment.

Total Price: The aggregate market value of the units held, is fundamental for financial evaluation and planning.

AMC Name: The name of the Asset Management Company that manages the fund, is important for evaluating fund management.

Is Demat: Specifies whether the investment holdings are in dematerialized (electronic) form, relevant for transaction ease and security.

NAV Date: The last date the Net Asset Value was calculated, critical for accurate valuation and timing transactions.

RTA Name: The name of the Registrar and Transfer Agent managing the fund’s operations, is essential for ensuring administrative accuracy.

Gain/Loss: Reflects the financial performance of the investment, showing either a profit or a loss since purchase.

New Folio: Indicates if the folio is newly created, useful for tracking the inception of investments.

Plan Mode: Describes the type of investment plan, impacting the investment’s costs and returns.

Purchase Allowed, Redemption Allowed, SIP Allowed, STP Allowed, SWP Allowed, SWT Allowed: Flags indicating permitted transactions such as purchases, redemptions, and systematic plans, vital for transactional capabilities.

Asset Type: Identifies whether the investment is in equities, debt, etc., crucial for diversification and risk assessment.

Cost Value: The original expenditure on the investment, key for determining gains and strategic planning.

Tax Status: Details the tax implications of the investment, important for compliance and tax planning.

Broker Code and Broker Name: Information identifying the brokerage service, essential for assessing service quality and accountability.

Lien Units Flag: Indicates if any units are currently under a lien, significant for understanding asset constraints.

Mode of Holding: Specifies how the investment is held, affecting legal and succession planning.

Nominee Status: Shows whether a nominee is registered, crucial for estate planning and asset transfer.

Closing Balance and Available Amount: Provide the ending balance in units and their monetary equivalent, key for valuation and liquidity analysis.

Current Market Value: The present market value of the investment, vital for real-time financial assessment and decision-making.

Bank Details

City: Specifies the city of the bank, providing a geographical context to the banking relationship.

IFSC: A code necessary for electronic payments and financial transactions within India.

MICR: Important for cheque processing and banking transactions.

Name: Identifies the bank managing the financial transactions related to the investments.

Branch: Specifies the particular branch of the bank, relevant for localized banking services.

Pincode: Useful for postal and location-based identification.

Account Number: The specific number of the bank account, essential for identifying and tracking transactions.

Account Type: Indicates whether the account is a savings, checking, or other type of bank account, which influences the terms and features available.

These fields collectively provide a detailed overview of an investor's mutual fund holdings
and related banking details, enabling effective management and strategic financial planning.

This API facilitates fetching mutual funds held by the user.

Input Type

finsire_idstringA valid id generated during user creation
typestringType of CAS which is to be fetched. It takes 2 values, cas_summary and cas_detailed

Common error scenarios

The following are the common error scenarios in sending an API request:

param is missing or the value is empty: finsire_idfinsire_id is a required field
param is missing or the value is empty: typetype is a required field. Should be one of the two enum values

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