6. Revoke

This API is used to revoke the lien marked assets of the user. Revoke can be triggered briefly in two scenarios:
a) User has repaid the the loan
b) Loan was not disbursed after lien marking the assets

Input Type

finsire_idstringA valid id generated during user creation
order_idnumberA valid order number that can be fetched from ordering assets API response
loan_disbursedbooleanThis indicates whether the loan was disbursed. It acts as a confirmation from stakeholders to know if the loan was disbursed
loan_completionbooleanThis indicates whether the loan was repaid
user_notification_statusbooleanThis indicates whether the user has been notified of the invoke and has given confirmation for the invoke to happen

Common error scenarios

The following are the common error scenarios in sending an API request:

param is missing or the value is empty: finsire_idfinsire_id is a required field
param is missing or the value is empty: order_idorder_id is a required field

You can try out this API here.