6. Check Transaction Status


Try out Transaction Status API here

In this API, this is build to stabilize the LAMF process and provide more transparency to lenders and their users, so if a transaction towards pledging of mutual fund has been succeeded or not, can be identified clearly and can be communicated to all stakeholders, saving more workhours to figure out manually.

Input : User id and their specific order_id for which they have initiated pledge for.
**Output :** All details and error code regarding transaction, entry time,completion time, mutual fund units and nav, and other details to help lenders and users.

Two types of status after pledging


After status changes to SUCCESS, the funds are pledged.

Input Type

finsire_idstringA valid id generated during user creation
order_idstringA valid order id

Common error scenarios

The following are the common error scenarios in sending an API request:

param is missing or the value is empty: finsire_idfinsire_id is a required field
param is missing or the value is empty: order_idorder_id is a required field


You can try out this API here.