Mutual Funds

This section is for Mutual Funds by CAMS. The user can identify as well as pledge their assets using the following APIs.

Invoke and Revoke APIs are also part of this section using which the lender can either invoke or revoke the user's assets.

CAMS user flow

CAMS user flow

The APIs need to be called in the following order:

  1. Generate OTP: The user first needs to give consent by generating the OTP. You can find this API here.
  2. Validate OTP: The user needs to validate the OTP received on their email when the previous API was called. You can find this API here.
  3. Pledge Assets: The user needs to call this API which generates another OTP for verification. You can find this API here.
  4. Validate Lienmark: This is the final API in the flow and the user needs to provide the OTP generated in the previous API. The user's assets will then be lien-marked. You can find this API here.