Real Estate Valuation (Basic)


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Real Estate Valuation API is the first API in India enabled for Lenders, Fintech companies, Investment Advisors, Distributors, Corporations for their different sets of users, to give them the best valuation digitally.
This has wide use-case which can give the companies an advantage to map the biggest Asset by Valuation in households and gauge their Net worth and prove to be base layer for more insights to follow.


With inputs like Pin code, choosing location in the specified pin code, type of property, its area.

This can lead to the Valuation of the Real Estate

User's View of Real Estate Valuation

User's View of Real Estate Valuation

Feature and Value addition

  • Accuracy and Reliability: The model excels in delivering precise valuations, adeptly adjusting to different market conditions and property types, thus providing a reliable basis for financial assessments.
  • Market Leadership: Recognized as the best in the market due to its advanced algorithm that integrates real-time market data and predictive analytics for accurate property valuations.
  • Net Worth Calculation: Offers significant value in calculating an individual’s net worth by providing accurate property valuations, crucial for assessing financial health and asset management.
  • Versatility in Application:
    Investment: Assists investors by providing dependable property valuations for informed decision-making.
    1. Lending: Useful for both secured and unsecured lending, helping lenders evaluate loan risks and determine collateral values accurately.
    2. Collateralization: Serves as a robust base layer for collateralization processes, ensuring financial assessments are based on solid, empirical valuations.
  • Essential Business Tool: An indispensable resource for real estate investment, lending, and wealth assessment, enhancing financial clarity and decision-making across various business activities.


Try out the API here.