Protean puts  you  in charge of your data sharing and lets YOU share it safely only with those Financial Institutions you  want to do business with.

This section has the following APIs:

  1. Consent Handle: Generates consent handle for a given Customer ID. Returns a redirection URL and consent handle generated. Find more details here.
  2. Consent Status: After completing the AA journey, you can check whether the user has approved or declined your consent. API returns a consent ID if consent is approved. Find more details here.
  3. Consent Status by ID: Gives you a complete overview of the consent. Returns consent status, FIPs selected, if consent is approved and some more details. Find more details here.
  4. Request FI: Creates a request to get the Financial Information for that particular user. Returns a session ID which is used in further APIs. Find more details here.
  5. FI Status: This gives the current status of the FI request raised in a previous API. It has 3 statuses, "PENDING", "FAILED", and "READY". Find more details here.
  6. FI Fetch: Gets you the FI data, if the FI status is READY. Find more details here.