Consent Handle

This API generates a unique consent handle that helps users identify their consent and Returns a redirection URL and consent handle generated.

Input Type

finsire_id*stringUnique ID generated for each user
date_range_startstringOptional. DateTime string from which you want the data. Default is 1 Year.
date_range_endstringOptional. DateTime string upto which you want the data.
redirect_url*stringURL to which the user is supposed to be redirected once the AA journey is finished
fetch_typestringOptional. Specifies whether the consent should be PERIODIC or ONETIME. Default is ONETIME

Note that * specifies that the parameter is required and not optional.

Common error scenario

param is missing or the value is empty: {param_name}{param_name} is missing
Invalid RequestAA or the FIP has thrown an error.